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Acacia Falls - CountrySide Estates


Homestead requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis and will only be approved if the conditions are right for an expansion which may include but is not limited to: the overall current occupancy of acacia, available connection points for country style land, and future expansion plans. homesteads will not be ordered if the available locations would interfere with future expansion plans or if there are no connection points which make sense to the overall design of acacia.

For a personal "CountrySide Estate"

Setup Fee is 42,000 L this will include your first week of rent.

Weekly rent is 7500 L

the land description will be set to Acacia Falls - CountrySide Estates

The region name will be determined by the Acacia Falls Ownership. If you would like a Custom Region Name this will cost 7500L and the name must be approved by Ownership.

you will not have em access.

We will provide a road connection to acacia falls at this time we are not sure if the road will continue thru the region to the other side or if it still stop shortly after entering the region. that will be determined by exact placement and future expansion plans for the area around the region.

you may decorate the region in a rustic style with farmland. at least 25% of the region must be tree covered so that it fits with the acacia style. open farm / grassland is allowed.

the land terrain textures will be set to match the rest of acacia and the land will be deeded to acacia falls.

radio system will be set up for you after your homes are placed. ( request this if we forget )

if there is no bus stop set up you will be able to teleport wherever you want on the region freely however so will all visitors. So do not complain about random teleports inside your home if there is no bus stop. ( you may ask for a bus stop if you would like or opt to not have one )

Please have large structures approved to ensure they match with the general acacia feeling, we will also be less restrictive about what can be placed since you will have some distance from nearby structures. However you will not be allowed to use the houses that are closest to your connection point as these would be considered too close.
meaning if someone has a ponyvale manor close to the connection to your region, this building would not be allowed on your region.

land terraforming will be allowed however you will need an owner to toggle this on and off for you as you wish to make edits to prevent anyone else from being able to edit the land

all land connections to adjacent regions will be expected to be smooth so that the sim line is not visible, all outside water connections must be hidden. either roll the sim edge down into the water or place a barrier of some sort so that the camera cannot see under the land and above the water

no sky structures will be permitted*

you will have approx 4900 prims to use as you like. ( basically whatever the road doesn't use and it shouldn't use too many even with a bus stop this number is a rough guestimate to cover all possible road connection types, your exact prim count will depend on how many prims the road uses.)

if a new region is added next to yours the road may need to be changed to connect to this region. You will be asked to move any structures that are in the way. we will do our best to keep the neccesary changes to a minimum as this happens. be advised a longer road will use more prims so a direct path is preferable to maintain a higher prim count, altho a curved path may prevent moving buildings.

breedables, script use, no limit

offsim objects, keep to a minimum and will be required to be removed if a new region is added adjacent later

these rules also apply to full regions however the following changes to the rules will apply:

 * if the homestead is upgraded to a full region at a later date, sky structures will be allowed over 1000 meters provided that they cannot be seen on the rest of acacia, including direct visualization as well as shadows that are cast. these structures cannot be over or intersect with any parcels that contain a roadway without express permission in advance of the structure being placed. acacia management needs to be made aware of all sky structures before they are placed so that we have time to inform staff otherwise they may be returned by staff that do not realize they are permitted.

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