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How to work Locking Doors


Most homes have a clipboard inside on the wall. This is your door access management point.

if there is nobody added, you can add yourself to the access list. once anyone has been put onto the list only someone already on the list can add / remove from the list.

only people on the list will be able to get the menu and lock / unlock the doors. anyone can open an unlocked door. so if you wish to restrict access make sure your doors are locked.

to get the menu click and hold for 2 seconds. this will open the lock / unlock options for that door.

if you are in a home that does not have a clipboard, you may submit a ticket to have one added, however not all homes are compatible. ( see below known incompatible homes )

if your home does have a clipboard, only the exterior doors will have the security script inside. interior doors will not be capable of locking.

the following homes have known issues related to the locking feature :

the aubrey front door ( door is no modify, script cannot be added. )

the mariner II ( sunroom is no modify, locking script was put on interior door instead )

Glen Ridge the back porch loses the full open effect.

pendle keye completely incompatible - due to the way it is scripted the back doors break if anything in the home is changed. the back doors cannot be repaired due to the way they move.

all customer owned homes. because the script has to be made on a per home per door basis to ensure security, customer owned structures are not eligible to receive the locking feature.
the script is custom made and is not for sale.


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