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Acacia Falls Community Rules


                           Acacia Falls Role Play Community Rules of Conduct

          Entering into our sims means that you have read the rules and are willing to follow them as well as directions from staff if any need to be given.  These rules are subject to change based on the needs of the community.  These Rules may change without notice. the most current copy can always be found on the website at

** failure to read the rules or not knowing the rules have changed does not exclude you from the rules **

 ▧ Age Appropriateness -

   As stated above we are an all inclusive role play sim.  This means in some areas children may be present and are allowed.  Please be aware of your conduct in areas where children are present or could be present at any given time.  This means dressing appropriately and participating in maturity level appropriate activities.  If you live on a region with a child friendly atmosphere please keep any non PG activities inside your own home.
        All public spaces should be treated as PG areas. The exception to this rule is the Upper East Industry designated Adult Area.. This is an area in our Community and is ADULT. Child avatars are not welcome there. Please do not cross the signs to this area or teleport there unless you are ok with and in appropriate form for adult activities as this entire region including public space is adult rated.  Any violation to this is a violation of the Linden Labs TOS and will result in immediate ban.

   We have several regions for everyone to explore and some are not child friendly and have age restrictions, these areas have been clearly marked.  If you are unsure please contact a staff member.  Children and child like avis are not allowed in places clearly marked for adult use.  Most are located on Adult rated sims but there is a sprinkling of businesses across the sims such as bars, smoke shops and such.  Please be respectful of the owners and honor their age restrictions on their shops.  This is like RL. inside of a home or shop the Tenant of that space can allow or disallow children as they see fit for their bussiness / rp needs.

                                                                                                                       ▧ Meta Gaming, God Modding, Powergaming & Basic RP Conduct -

    While we are all powerful and unstoppable in our own little universes,  here in Acacia Falls not allowing for fair role play is frowned upon.  Meta gaming, God Modding and Power Gaming are not allowed while engaging in role play on Acacia Falls.

       ❂ Meta Gaming - The use of OOC information to gain IC information.
           Examples - Group Tags, Things discussed in OOC, IMs, profile information and group chat that is not part of a 911 call or public announcement.
                            If the information you are about to use was not learned IC, you don't know it and can't use it.
       ❂ God Modding - RPing as being all powerful and untouchable
           Examples - Dodging all harm, flying, inability to be dodged, "Bullet Proof" ( flying is expressly forbidden in Acacia Falls and will result in automatic removal from the regions. )
       ❂ Power Gaming - Not allowing the person you are role playing with the ability to respond and react to a role play action.
           Unacceptable Example - /me brings a pouch out from her pocket.  With a smile she sprinkles a bit into her palm and looking at Spike she blows it in              his face.  With a slight head tilt she watches as he stumbles forward, then back until he finally thuds onto the floor.
           Acceptable Example -  /me brings a pouch out from her pocket.  With a smile she sprinkles a bit into her palm and looking at Spike she blows it in                his face.
      Another basic idea we highly encourage to allow the role play to continue to flow is making your role play engaging.  Give others around you not only enough time to be able to respond to you, but also enough to work with.  Instead of typing in three of four snippets of text in a rapid succession try going for a nice manageable block of text.  While waiting for responses please keep in mind everyone types at a different rate and speed.  Once you become acquainted with all your neighbors around town you will soon get an idea of how much time each person may need.
     Please feel free to use the Acacia Falls RP chat groupto RP in or to announce your arrival in an area and willingness to be engaged in current role play with others.  It is encouraged however that you meet up in person as much as possible.  Some things translate better that way and it enhances the role play experience allowing for the creation of lasting memories with pictures and maybe you will even be spotted and featured on one of our social media accounts!  Acacia Falls Citizens group may be used for OOC chatter.  Please keep in mind the chatter in there is out of character.

                                                                                                                       ▧ Role Play Content -

    Acacia Falls welcomes people from all walks of life.  Who knows your neighbor, could be a horse!  We also do not discriminate against anyone because of age race or gender. Furries are welcome here, however to assist with RP interactions Acacia Falls follows this standard for Furries :
    If you are walking on 2 legs ( biped / Anthromorphic legs ) you will be treated as a normal person.
    if you are waling on 4 legs ( feral ) you will be treated as an animal, meaning it is not expected that you will be able to speak or directly respond to questions.
    - If your character does not follow these traits please make sure it is easily known from your profile or make the group you are RP'ing with aware so they know how to properly interact with your character.
    ( you are still welcome, we just need to know how to interact with you properly so there isn't shock when there is a talking feral dog )
     We have been asked by a few people our policy on what can happen in private homes in regard to the sim's ratings. the long story short version is that non pg activities are allowed inside private homes. for details and specifics please read the rental rules.

                                                                                                                       ▧ Community Areas -

     Community areas are placed around all the regions and are open use to all community members.  Please be polite to your neighbors and share these areas, no one single person has anymore right over them then others.  If you would like to privately reserve an area for an event please see the staff and make arrangements.  This may involve a small rental fee, but the area will be yours for the rental time at the end of which the area will be open to all once again. This will be done depending on the circumstances of the event and the requirements needed. ( such as for a wedding, which might reserve an area in the park )

                                                                                                                       ▧ Requests & Suggestions -

     Here at Acacia Falls we want to hear your requests and suggestions and encourage you to place them in the suggestion box in the Welcome Center.  Please keep in mind all requests and suggestions will be reviewed and while some may come to life not all will.  Please allow the staff proper time to look over requests and suggestions before coming to us and asking us about information on it.  It takes time to communicate and plan.

                                                                                                                       ▧ Employment Opportunities in the Community -

    Acacia falls has a great number of employment opportunities within the community.  Job openings can be discussed with a staff member or department head  If you are interested in a position opening please fill out the card and submit it to the correct person listed.  These are non-paying role play employment opportunities. ( they do pay RP Money in most circumstances ). You may also find other jobs in the community offered by tenants. Shopkeepers need staff and all tenants are encouraged to open a business and hire staff to create a robust Roleplay Environment. ( It is suggested that you be a resident even if only a tiny apartment. Only residents will be able to join the land group which is required to avoid items being returned by auto return. There are many small apartments on Industry set cheap for just this purpose. NOTE: You do not have to be a resident to have an RP job, It is only required if you wish to have prims that are not returned to you. )

                                                                                                                       ▧ Flying and Air Crafts -

     Air Craft are permitted to be flown in Acacia Falls Air Space within reason and under the rules that they take off and land only within approved air strips/landing pads.  ( even if you can take off vertically, you cannot use a street. find a helipad, there are several around town. There are currently no air strips so standard Airplanes are not currently allowed. we hope to add this in the future. ) If an air craft is found to not be following these rules or found about the sim in none approved areas they will be returned to the owner along with a warning, in some cases the air craft may be relocated to the impound lot and held until released by the lot owner.
     At no given time ever should there be just avis flying around in the air or stationary in the air.  Lets keep the Role Play to a realistic level and keep our feet on the ground.  No, you are not a super hero zooming around in the city sky.  The small exception to this rule is Acacia Falls Staff however it is frowned upon and if we feel the skies and air ways are being abused flying will be turned off across the sims. ( flying has been disabled for all non staff. only upper level staff may fly at this time, Generally limited to the build team who have occasional need to fly )

                                                                                                                         ▧ Motor Vehicles and Motorized Forms of Transportation -

     All Acacia Falls citizens who wish to operate motorized vehicles on Acacia Falls road ways and water ways will need to have an Official Acacia Falls Drivers License and License Plate. These will be acquirable at the Acacia Falls DMV Office during open business hours and with proper identification.  If stopped by Acacia Falls Police, The operator of the vehicle will have to present their License to the officer.  If their license is not current or one can not be presented the vehicle will be towed to the Acacia Falls Impound lot at the owners expense and they will have to go see the Impound Lot Attendant for retrieval.  * Children do not need a drivers license to drive vehicles designed specifically for children, however these should not be used on the roadway ( stay on sidewalks or grass ) additionally children should not be driving vehicles intended for adults at any time.  If you have applied for your license and license plates you may begin operating a vehicle in Acacia Falls.  If you are operating a vehicle you are considered "In Character" and subject to road rules ( speed limit, reckless driving laws etc..)
    Vehicles found parked in no parking zones or inappropriately parked will be ticketed and if not moved within 24 hours towed to the impound lot.  Please make sure you are parking responsibly.  Sidewalks are not parking spaces. ( if your vehicle cannot be towed it may be returned to you. Acacia Falls staff are not responsible for items lost during return. Please park responsibly.

                                                                                                                         ▧ Mayhem & Mischief -

**RP involving acts of violence Should be kept to a minimum and must be limited to IM's or Local chat unless approved by management in advance.**

     All Visitors and Residents may start mayhem or Mischief as part of an RP. However be aware of any consequences from your actions. IC actions will have IC consequences. this means if you start a fire, you may get arrested for arson. this may include spending some time in jail. Please be advised that you should keep your actions under control. setting fire to a building may be arsen but setting fire to the whole region is more akin to greifing.  Keep your actions realistic and stay In Character. also remember that if you are not a resident your prims will automatically be returned after 5 minutes unless you are sitting on them. Please plan this into your RP Scenario.  Be mindful of others wishing to RP.  If you commit a crime, leave evidence for the cops!

                                                                                                                         ▧ Greifing, Stalking, Trolling, And Attack Huds -

     It should go without saying that none of these will be tolerated in Acacia Falls. However some people need reminding of this so, don't do it. You will get banned. We do not always issue warnings for this type of behavior but if we do you will only get 1 warning. Be advised that all banishment's are final and permanent. ( this also applies to people who are purposefully being a general annoyance. you may get a warning but generally only 1. please take it seriously if you wish to stay. )
    Please Also Read the Rental Terms and conditions for additional Guidance on behavior and requirements in Acacia Falls.
    The rules in BOTH documents apply to everyone.
    © Acacia Falls

Last updated Jan 1 2018

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