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Rental Terms and Conditions


Rental Terms and Conditions -
    Acacia Falls has many different rentals to choose from. These may include but are not limited to, Shops, Homes, Apartments, Townhouses, Treehouses and more. To find the best rental for you, look around all the regions. You will find a tier box usually located near the front of the property. It may be attached to a mailbox of some sort or attached to a wall. If you find a property you like and would like more information on it, click the rental meter and select info, it will give you the cost and prim allowance for that rental in local chat.

    You may freely explore any house or bussiness with a green "available" sign associated with that property. However we ask that you please do not enter homes that do not have this prominently displayed as these are already rented and are currently private residences. If you are entering into peoples homes without their permission you may be removed from the regions. this includes when someone is home, or when they are away. All complaints of trespassing are taken seriously and will be forwarded to the Acacia Falls Police Dept for investigation which may result in a warning or possible banishment from the area.

    If you find the rental you wish to have but need more prims for the property, please get in contact with  staff member,  to make adjustments. Please do not ask for discounts or lower tier rate, we price the rentals as low as we can to help support the community as a whole. you can also file a ticket at and we will take care of this for you as soon as we can.

    Found a home site you would like to live on but do not like the house on it? It can be a simple fix, you will have to talk to the Realtor about replacing the house, if you replace the house with one of your own, then that house will count towards your prim allowance. If you choose a house we have, the prims for the house will not count towards your prims allowance.

There are some restrictions to custom housing, they are as follows:

    A) The house must match the vision for the city and be approved by the builders.
    B) The house cannot be duplicated nearby, I.E. no two of the same house next to each other, or within streets of one another. The build team will inform you if it's too similar to a nearby house and if you must pick a different one.
    C) Changes to the existing home will require at least 3 weeks rent paid up front.  ( Not required for minor alterations to the landscaping, Staff will inform you when your request requires 3 weeks remaining on the rental box. This may be waived for existing tenants depending on the nature of the request and your payment history. )

    If you have any questions at all, talk to our Realtor, she can help you choose the perfect home for you and your family.

Rental Rules:

    A) NEVER pay a person directly. We have rental boxes for a reason; to protect you and you and your money. At the time of writing this, tier will be paid to a Casper rental box/meter owned by acfallsadmin. any L paid directly to a person WILL be treated as a gift and will not credit your rental. this includes the owner and any staff even if they are saying you should pay them. insist that there be a rent box to pay and verify it is owned by acfallsadmin before payment. ( this protects you from scammers or people who are impersonating staff )

    Payments made to someone else’s rent box will credit their rental. Acacia Falls may not always be able to correct this. Please ensure you are paying the correct tier box at all times

    B) Most homes have their own lot, so you can adjust the radio stream/media on your parcels.
        1. In cases where there are multiple dwellings or business on the same lot, the stream will be preset and may not be changed by the tenant.

    C) Acacia Falls mostly contains moderate regions where kids are allowed. Please make sure any adult activities happen within your own home.

        1. Please no extreme adult activities on moderate regions

    D) Skyboxes of any type or build platforms are not allowed.

    E) Landscaping services are available through the Acacia Falls build team. or you are welcome to landscape your own lot.

    F) We can only make changes to rentals by request of the primary renter. No subtenants may make a request to change anything on the parcels, have any items returned, or have people removed from rental boxes. This will only happen with contact from the primary renter on the box.

    G) All transactions are final and are not refundable under any circumstances. Please be sure you wish to rent the home / land and are paying the correct tier box before making a payment.

    H)  You may be able to transfer your tier from one location to another with special approval, however this is a reflection of real life, and under most circumstances your rent will not move from one home to another if you move before the end of the period you have already paid for. You may ask for the transfer if you wish. we will take the circumstances into consideration and will make our decision with discretion. transfers of rentals from one location to another are not the norm.

    I) ALL LL TOS must be followed at all times.

    J)  The City may be updated and improved by the build team. Occasionally this may require your house or structure to move along with its contents. We will give you notice before moving an occupied building by IM or NC with a date in which the change will happen as well as the rough idea for the change. We will make sure you have a temporary accommodation while we upgrade the area where your home was located. Once the upgrades are complete you may move back in.

    K) Acacia Falls Staff, Ownership, and Management reserve the right to eject / ban anyone at any time at our discretion. This is primarily to keep the peace in the community. Please observe the community rules while in Acacia Falls. if you are banned for any reason you will not be entitled to a refund. In most circumstances you will recieve 1 warning before being banned. this gives you the chance to correct whatever behaviors is causing a problem. there will be no warning given in situations that are on the extreme end such as greifing or trolling.

    L) Please don't involve our staff in your dispute with neighbors, behave as an adult. In a worst case scenario you may report abuse via Linden Labs, but please only do that as a last resort. Before you file an Abuse Report, please try to reach an amicable solution with the person involved and never file a complaint until you are absolutely sure of the correct offender. Acacia Falls is not able to mediate in most situations and is not responsible for your private affairs. It is in your best interest to keep a peaceful environment for your friends, your family, your neighbors and yourself. If our staff becomes involved we may take drastic action that may include one or all parties being banned without refunds issued.
    Acacia Falls is not responsible for the behavior of your fellow residents. All residents are responsible to abide by the Terms of Service which are developed and improved by Linden Labs as Second Life grows. Acacia Falls asks that you read the terms of service (available at If you violate the Terms of Service you risk losing your land, Home and / or having your account closed by Linden Labs. Acacia Falls is not able to help you or your alternative accounts if this happens to you.

    M) In the event that greifers show up on the region. Please keep your distance and do not engage them. As the admin team works to remove the disturbance it is all too easy to misnterpret what is going on and confuse a tenant for a greifer if they are involved in any way. If you are far away from and not activly engaging the Greifers this makes it much easier to identify the problem avatars and remove them. this also helps prevent anyone being identified incorrectly. if you are banned in error please contact thespike resident and explain what happened. all information will be verified before anyone will be un banned. this is to prevent greifers from returning. Please be mindful that this process may take a while and it is best to avoid this when possible. we will do our best not to mistake citizens for greifers but mistakes do happen when there is alot going on. Please notify a staff member or submit a ticket on our website if you see or suspect a greifer. You may also report griefing from an object/resident directly to Linden Labs yourself by using the top menu > Help > Abuse Report. ( you are encouraged to report this to LL even if you have reported it to us already. we can remove them from the region but only LL can remove them from the grid. )

    N) The Acacia Falls Citizens group is open to the public. However the Acacia Falls Group is reserved for tenants only.  You may add subtenants to your rental so they can get the group invite. anyone who is not directly listed on a rental will not be eligible to join this group. If your rental terminates you will be removed from the group. Only members of this group can rez prims that will stay on the regions without being auto returned.

    O)If you are late with your rental payment you will be evicted automatically by the tier box and an Admin will be dispatched to clear the items from your home. You will additionally be ejected from the land group automatically by the bot. your home will be set for sale and made ready to be rented to the next person. You may re-rent the home if you wish. It is strongly recommended that if you are going to be late you contact PerrisRaine or Ramesh Singh first to make payment arrangements to prevent your home from being cleared. You can also enter a ticket at . There is no automatic grace period for late payments, the rental box may go negative however your home may be cleared and rental terminated at any time once the box has gone negative unless payment arrangements have been made. If you expect your rental to terminate please Pick up your items to prevent anything getting lost while being returned.

If you are already late and your items have not yet been returned you may be able to pay the back rent and resume your rental. If the box does not accept your payment you will need to speak to Perris or Ramesh in this matter. Payment arrangements may not always be granted and tenants who continually pay late may be asked to leave. Please be prepared to pay your rent on time when you start your rental.
    P) Acacia Falls is not responsible for any items that go missing at any time for any reason. If an item goes missing please contact Linden Labs Support for assistance. Unfortunately due to the large number of people living here, rollbacks will not be performed or requested except in catastrophic circumstances.

    Q) Every script on a region contributes to lag. Please keep in mind that you are sharing the region with others and be mind full of your script counts. If a tenant is using more than their fair share of the regions resources, objects may be returned without warning to restore the regions performance. Breedables are Limited to no more than 3 per home. This includes scripted Children and pets.

    R) Temp rezzers are not permitted. this DOES NOT apply to things that rez a single item 1 time on click ( like a vehicle rez system or house rez box. ) this does apply to any system that continuously rezzes temp objects as this creates excessive lag on the region. (This includes plant pets as well as several temp rezzer systems)

    S) Please keep your neighbors in mind when decorating your parcel, objects that others may find offensive are not recommended. If neighbors complain we will use our best judgement and may return the items in question to you and ask that you not place them out in the future. When in doubt you are welcome to ask a staff member or consult with your neighbors to see if they would have any problems with the decor you wish to use. In general if your neighbors don't mind, and it fits the look of the neighborhood, it's ok.

    T) Televisions are allowed however you may need help from a staff member to deed it to group. Please be mindful that once it is deeded you will not be able to move or edit the tv nor pick it up. Please ensure you have the tv where you want it before contacting us. You can also let us know if you wish to have it returned to you.

    U) You may decorate your yard as if this were a real world area. this means that you can decorate up to the sidewalk or fencing, even if this is outside of your parcel. You may even decorate the hall near your door if you are in an apartment. parcels exist to create privacy and allow for custom music. they should not be barriers to decorating.

    V) Ban Lines and Security Orbs are expressly forbidden. If you have a problem with people entering your home please contact the police. ( treat it like RL ) you MAY have a burglar alarm or other device that notifies you or the police of intruders in your home. just nothing that prevents entry onto the land or ejects automatically.

Support : Support is available 24/7 through the support portal on our website at Support tickets are often the fastest way to get help as they go to staff, even if we are offline. ( this can be of great assistance if all online staff are already assisting someone or involved in an active RP ! ) If we are notified of a ticket and near the computer we may log in to assist you immediately. This also allows us to keep track of how fast support issues are being resolved to ensure fast response times.

All terms and conditions are subject to change and may be changed without notice to you. It will be updated on the region at the time of the change. Please make sure you review the Rules regularly to be aware of any changes that may have occurred. All tenants must adhere to the rules set forth in the covenant that is located on the region they are renting on. The Rules will also be updated on the website at the time of the change for easier reference >  There will be no 'grandfathering' in for any terms or conditions. When any changes are made, they are effective for all residents as of that date.

Violations to the rules and conditions may result in your rental being terminated without warning and your items returned to you. You will not be issued a refund under any circumstances if you have violated these rules.

© Acacia Falls

Last updated Jan 25 2019

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