Real Estate Spotlight – Millionaires Row

Beautiful sitting area on Pennyworth Drive – This sim is gorgeous, come see it.
1024 PennyWorth Dr
2500L for 1666 prims
932 PennyWorth Dr
3000L 2000 prims
892 PennyWorth Dr
2500L 1666 prims
887 Pennyworth Dr
2700L 1800 prims
790 PennyWorth Dr
1500L 1000 prims
608 Bridge Port Road
2500L 1666 prims
605 Bridge Port Road
1000L 666 prims
601 Bridge Port Road
600L 400 prims
00 Bridge Port Road
1500L 1000 prims

Millionaires Row is one of beauty and peace.  Come explore and make it your home in Acacia Falls RP Community!

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