Real Estate Spotlight – Eclipse Cove – Come enjoy beach living

10 Seaview Dr, 1000L 666 prims

30 Seaview Dr, 1500L 1000 Prims

50 Seaview Dr, 1500L 1000 prims

260 Statio Dr, 450L 300 prims

230 Station Dr, 325L 250 Prims

1310 SeaView Estates Drive, 2500L 1666 prims

1320 SeaView Estates Drive, 2250L 1500 prims

1330 SeaView Estates Drive, 1750L 1166 prims

Eclipse Cove offers a beautiful place to live with public areas to use and enjoy, not to mention being part of the wonderful Acacia Falls RP Community.

Enjoy the beach ad the fire with friends and family on Eclipse Cove in the wonderful Acacia Falls RP Community.

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