Water Park Party

We had so much fun enjoying the water and the sun!!  Thank you to everyone who came and partied with us.  What a great way to spend some time and fellowship with those who make up the community.  One thing is for sure, Acacia Falls is one big wonderful family!

Acacia Falls Town Square

There is so much to do in Acacia Falls, but let’s take a look at what you get to see when you first land on the Industry sim.  You land in the subway and come up the stairs and you are plunged right into the beginning of our town square.


This is our welcome center, where you can find information all about Acacia Falls. Rules, the sims hud and much more are found here.
The town square has a lovely park to sit and enjoy the day, watch the passersby and relax watching the waters of the center fountain.
The Herald offices are located here in the town square. Where all of our news gets reported every week.
Jaedon Photography – This digital artist really will spark your taste for the beautiful in Second Life. Be sure to come on by and check out his work. It’s creative, beautiful, pulls at your feels and is affordable.
Health Square Pharmacy & Dispensary for all your pharmaceutical needs.
Sanchez farmer’s market – where you can get lovely produce and other items.
Come in and get your burger and fries! This is a great place to bring the family for a quick bite.
Original by Zizi Hyde – Original paintings done in RL by Zizi, brought into SL for your enjoyment and purchase.
Available for rent
Available for rent
Available for rent
Available for rent

Water Park is here!!

Well it’s summer time in Acacia Falls and it’s citizen are out enjoying the beautiful waterpark!  You should be too!!  It is nicely located on Millionaires Row.  Here is the taxi for you:   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Millionaires%20Row/222/223/22

We hope to see you there!

Our beautiful waterpark – an ariel view.
Relax on a fun water float!
Fish off the dock or relax and watch other enjoying the water while you get some sun
Grab a tube and float down the rapids to see what you can see…
Slide down the slide and have great fun!
Use the boat dock or catch the ferry…enjoy all the water has to offer…Put your jet ski’s in and off you go!
Ride the ferry
Bring your floatie tube..rubber duckies are allowed!

What a week!

If you haven’t been hanging out in Acacia this week then you are missing out! Yesterday we had a great time at the grand opening of the Bowling alley… I personally won 2 games! Today – DJ Brei had us dancing and laughing at the Barcade….Lots of new faces in town! Make sure to say hello to your neighbor!

Things are Happening!

Well, our much anticipated bowling alley will be opening on Tuesday, 3/27/18 and personally i cannot wait! Its a great time to get out and meet all of our new neighbors! On Wednesday, we have our weekly party at the Barcade featuring DJ Brei and on Thursday – come out for a singles mixer at the Chill Cafe! (Adult singles only pls). Also – we invite all citizens to come out for our RP refresher class at the courthouse! On Saturday, the kiddos get to have an Easter Egg hunt at Mayor Singh’s house… Invite your friends and come play this week!

Here we go again!

Never having done a blog before, I hope there is a quick learning curve! In case you missed the events in Acacia Falls today – here is a rundown: The Barcade has its weekly party to help us over the hump until Friday. A big thanks to Brei for some great tunes!
We now have a bowling alley!! It is located behind the adoption agency across from the hospital – Opening date is soon! I can’t wait!
Sadly I must report that during the writing of my blog the new bowling alley caught fire and we can only hope our firefighters got there in time to save the day!
Lots of weekly events coming soon – stay tuned!


First Post!

Hey everyone!

I hope that this message finds you well, I’m currently in the middle of setting up this blog for everyone in Acacia Falls as a means to talk about the goings on around the sim (not to be confused with what the paper does, that’s different entirely), Post events that are being hosted by players, post photos submitted by Acacia’s vistors (and some of my own)

While this page is still in its infancy, I certainly am excited to be a part of the Acacia Team and I look forward to writing more.