Acacia Falls Events

YOLO so why not YOGA?

In the past 8 days, there have been just more than a few really great, activities in Acacia Falls.
Ladies, (or gentlemen?) are you looking for a little physical fitness and some intense attention retention type entertainment in these winter months? Try Yoga with your personal instructor Michael Frostbite. Once bitten, not shy.

our lean muscle mass on

Michael Frostbite stated “I love how it brings mind and spirit together. The bonding feels so natural and right.” It is my experience after having attended his class, he offers an approach to yoga that can be followed by novice beginners to those who have used yoga for years as a direct approach to health and wellness. In Acacia Falls, and, as I found myself in my ‘other life’ sitting for poses in both worlds, I knew that I for one would be returning every given available opportunity based on the ease of his direction.

As one who has had a relationship with the beauty of the muscle music of yoga for several months, I appreciate what Michael Frostbite brings to Acacia Falls.

And if an iron-tight backside and a perfectly executed class aren’t enough to draw you in… Ladies, he’s single. Yoga for everyone.


Acacia Falls Meet and Greet

Miss the Weekly Acacia Falls Meet and Greet? This week’s meet was held at the Art Haus Gallery in downtown Proper in the Industrial area.

Everyone is welcome to attend Acacia Falls Meet and Greet

Local celebrities were on hand to meet the citizens old and new of Acacia Falls. The Mayor once again announced that the elections would be held and he is looking for a worthy opponent.

The select staff of Acacia Falls will almost always be available to answer questions and guide you and your loved ones through the process of your move to the Falls. Have questions about who to hire? How to pay? Where to look for family-friendly activities? Contact the Acacia Falls Admin and come out to meet your neighbors.

Get Out and Vote!

Shameless Campaigning

It’s Election time. Do you have the desire to be part of a winning team? Want to see changes. Just need the political and social boot to enhance your stay in Acacia Falls?
Our Mayor has put his name back in the ballot box. Want to tell that guy what you think of his political stance on this or that? Contact Perris Gilmour for your application to be placed on the ballot for the Spring 2019 election. It is as simple as checking a box and promoting your candidate~ Let us help your campaign. You build your ad, and we’ll run your spot right here. Equal time for equal candidates! Get out and Vote Acacia!

And here’s one for you!

More Fun Than a Sunday Night Should Be

Tired of waiting for Uber or the local cab company? So were these two goofballs!
In case you missed it, Our very own Lickasaurus and friend was on hand to give on sight Kung Foo Fight dance lessons and history on the rickshaw. No one listened though- They were too busy dancing. Mayor and First Lady Joe and Perris were on hand to join in the impromptu festivities. This blogger was too busy snapping photos to join in, So.. I guess not everybody was Kung Foo fight Dancing.

MAN OVERBOARD!! (one man down)

You may have noticed our admin are a little less staffed and a little busier these days. As always they want to be on hand whenever possible to help and answer questions, so please check out the support portal on the website . Almost all of your questions and concerns can be answered there.

Start here

And select “Submit a ticket.” The staff do read and address all Acacia Falls Matters.

A Welcome Venue

Love live entertainment? Then you are going to love this more than a farmers pig loves mud!

James Whalen is the proprietor of Kensington Entertainment. Currently, they are prepping for their grand opening and Nyoko’s show on Feb 10th. Stage and lights are in work in the Kensington Center amphitheater Lets give Kensington Entertainment a warm welcome. Check back for more entertainment information in the acacia falls calendar.

Have Something to say?

Say it here. Your feedback is welcome. Suggestions are valued, and complaints will be – probably complained about.

Until Next time, and for more Kinda Reliable News Check back often. We’ll make it up as we can. Whether you are new to Acacia Falls, or a long time resident, Welcome home!

Acacia Falls Monthly Hosted Meet and Greet

Full house at  the Meet And Greet

If you were unfortunate enough to miss the Acacia Falls Business sponsored MEET AND GREET yesterday, you may soon wish you had hired that overpriced sitter, canceled your anniversary plans, or just even picked a different day to wash, rinse, repeat.

Through the Media Eye

A big shout out of appreciation to our local television station, W-Something-something-something, and Glad Gilmour for a stunning exposé into the lives of our first family Joseph and Perris Gilmour. Mayor Gilmour issued a challenge to the citizens of this great city of Acacia Falls to all who feel qualified to run for office and fill his shoes during the next election.

When asked if he was interested in running for office for another term, by Glad Gilmour
“Could these possibly be your running mates and if so would you mind introducing them? “
The always-ever confident Acacia Falls Mayor proudly stated
“That’s exactly my point, Glad. Nobody can fill my shoes which ensure that next time I run, I’ll win by an even bigger landslide. There’s always a method to my madness.”

Acacia Falls, spring is coming! It’s time to dig out those smelly old sneakers and lace them up because it looks like we may have a race!”

First Lady quickly contradicted her husband and told the live viewing audience ” Well I am an entrepreneur. My husband and I plan to expand our businesses once the term is over”

According to those citizens of the poll of public opinion, the Mayor may find himself running a race away from a cast iron skillet should he choose to run again. It was widely noted by the polling audience that the Mayor did not expand on whether he will, or will not run for office to seek re-election.

Rumour has it that the Mayor may take up Mixed Martial Arts as a full-time career, noting that it may be the only time citizens get to open a can of whoop-*** on a former government employee, without the fear of legal retribution or jail time. A word of caution, buy life insurance, first.

Other Highlights included a tour of the newly remodeled television station. Toothless let the cat out of the bag for the inspiration of the new design as he chanted ever so softly “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” while presenting RSD with the results of the Maury Pauvich DNA test. “RSD, You are NOT the father, Joseph Gilmour is!”

This blogger smells shenanigans, as it is noted that toothless did, in fact, have to be removed from our mayor’s lap, twice!
  It may also be that the DNA sample did indeed come from an outside window, that only moments before Toothless himself had been seen by several witnesses, allegedly trying to make out with, that very same window.

While no credible witnesses have come forth to confirm or deny these allegations, our cameraman and the first Lady overheard ‘Slurping noises’ and did record a statement that appears to be an admissionby Toothless himself, stating “I was just trying to help you with the windows.” Acacia Falls waits with bated breath for the results from a second DNA screening.

It is noted that our very own Dave Gaffer was on hand yesterday, live in studios while the rest of the Federal Financial Banking Institutional Employees are still, sadly out of work. This may be due to the fact that Mr. Gaffer may not receive a paycheck for quite some time to come and was here to enjoy not only the company of our local patrons and citizens, but also to get a free meal. A special thank you to the food court for providing Cake, and Couch Fish Pie.

If you didn’t make it to the Meet and Greet on the 17th of this month, you will have plenty more opportunity as the local Chamber of Commerce plans to extend this opportunity to Acacia citizens old and new, near and far throughout several business districts and the year.

If you would like to host the next monthly Meet and Greet, please visit our website at and submit a ticket with our staff.

Until Next time, and for more Kinda Reliable News Check back often. We’ll make it up as we can. Whether you are new to Acacia Falls, or a long time resident, Welcome home!

Welcome our Newest Blogger

Acacia Falls is proud to welcome Mr Porter Haus as our newest blogger! He is known around town already as our newest art gallery owner – showcasing SL talent from all walks of life! Please let him know of upcoming events or items you would like for him to talk about! He is never short of words and we look forward to reading what he has to say!